Mission to Guatemala 2011

Guatemala 2011

July 30, 2011 – Day 1

Dear all,
Rhett, Alex, Alyssa, and Linda are all safely home from Belize now. We are in the blessedly cool weather of the Guatemalan mountains! and getting ready for round two.

Wayne was able to coordinate a meeting for Desert Call with some missionaries, David and Nellie, from the northeast of Guatemala who have been working here for 60 years. They met us here at Casa with their niece, Laurie, from Arizona, as well as, two others, Rene and his wife. The area that they try to cover is amazing and uses more than four different languages. We discussed many things – two were how to help the pastors and how best to help the teachers continue in their education to be on the same level as the government teachers. Please keep them in prayer and us to be able to find a way to fulfill the vision they have for the work they are doing here.

Kimberly practiced her Spanish listening skills as we talked and she completely cleaned the kitchen, including the entire inside of the refrigerator. She got a head start on some of the work we hope to accomplish while at Casa. For those of you who don’t know how this works, the orphanage at present is housing approximately 350-400 children. While the kid are in school, we work on cleaning, painting, repairing or whatever is needed. When the children are out of school we visit and play with them.

So after our morning meeting, We have started playing with the children. Kimberly and a little girl played a sidewalk game with a little broken pendant the girl had found. Lynnea had promised to read a story in Spanish to a little girl who had seen her carrying books. Before long the group grew. It was very cute – two older girls stood off a bit while she read, then slowly came closer almost at her feet, and finally just about in her lap by the end of the second story.

We were excited to be able to bring 272 Spanish children’s books for Casa to use in the school.

Well, off to play with the children. We are writing this in the hope we find a way to send it.

Continue with your prayers for us and the children.
Wayne, Lynnea, and Kimberly

July 31, 2011 – Day 2

Dear all,
We are all doing well. Another team of 13 came in last night at 10:30PM to share our dorm. Another team of 23 will be coming tomorrow.

Today we joined the children for their praise and worship during their Sunday service. We went back 45 minutes later to hear the message in English for the “gringos” it was as usual awesome. Mike is a dynamic speaker. It was great that it was on the book of Joshua the same thing Josh is teaching during our Thursday Bible study.

Afterward we had a tour of the compound including the new transition house they are building for those who are in college/university.

Then it was time to talk and mingle with the children. Once a month the children’s parents or relatives are allowed to visit. At 2PM all the children go to their dormitories. The parents are then brought in and runners go get the children who have visitors.

During this time, I’m writing this, Kimberly is humming as she makes brownies for the team, and Wayne is helping with the work at the transition house.

Tonight we are making spaghetti, so silly as it sounds pray I can remember how to cook for a big family of 16 again.

That’s it for today. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Wayne, Lynnea, and Kimberly

8/1/2011 – Day 3

Dear all,
Midday report…It’s raining, it’s pouring! To put it mildly. It pours rain on the tin roof each evening since we got here but today is the first time it’s rained this hard during the day. Think California’s hardest rain and you are probably about right for the every day rain here. It’s beginning to slow to a gentle sprinkle and he clouds are descending on the tips of the mountains reaching to the tree tops. I wish there was a way to send all of you a recording of the sound!

Kimberly and I have been doing some much needed cleaning today in the gringo’s kitchen and bathroom and the women gringo’s dorm. Silly as it sounds we’ve enjoyed scrubbing out ovens, showers, and believe it or not, the toilets. Kimberly is a woman after my own heart – my children and sisters will understand when I say – she scrubbed the bathroom and shower area floor tile with a scrub brush and Lysol on her hands and knees.

Wayne and a fellow worker, Jerry, have been struggling to get a three way switch connected but have finally hit pay dirt. I remember how Wayne worked on them at our house and the struggle when you have two switches on opposite sides of the room to control two things…over my head. They are working at what is called the transition house that they are building for the university students to help them prepare for the outside world after university.

By the way, the spaghetti came out fine. This morning we made pancakes and bacon and tonights fare will be hamburgers, chips, and fruit salad. We might even surprise them with brownies.

It is actually fun cooking for all these people. The team that has joined us have the most well-mannered, helpful, and polite youth I have seen in a long time. There are ten young people-three girls, seven boys- the youth pastor, his wife, and one of the boy’s mom. They are all willing to help share in the responsibilities.

Well, I’m off to go play with babies and children now so see you all later and keep up the prayers!

Wayne, Lynnea, and Kimberly

August 2, 2011 – Day 5

Hello all,
Did I say it was raining and pouring? Not. NOW it is raining and pouring! It’s great. I love the sound. We all do.

Tonight we are all going to meet and talk with Mike and Dottie and hear their testimony. Though Wayne and I heard it last year, there is just too much to tell and take in at one time.

Today Kimberly prepared a room for painting by moving 100 pounds of concrete mix, and picked up construction trash, then helped me come up with a “mama made it up” recipe for dinner, made brownies, and then went and played with kids and helped with division homework.

Wayne spent the day helping to replace drywall in a room that had had a leak, taught Jefferson, a student here who was watching and wanted to learn how to do it. Next, they put in an attic fan but into the wall so that it would take the moisture out of the shower room…the trick. It was through a block wall. Poor baby – he worked all day and didn’t get to play with the kids…but there are now 56 gringos here and the shower has to get finished because the girls haven’t been able to shower for two days.

Lynnea finished organizing all the extra sheets, pillowcases, and pillows, etc in one of the big closets, came up with a “mama made it up” meal, played with kids, read stories in Spanish to a group of girls in one dorm as she sat in a rocker on the porch as the rain came down gently while the girls sat picking lice nits out of each others’ hair. When the thunder crashed and the rain REALLY started coming down we moved our reading into the dorm.

Well, there is more but it’s time for me to serve dinner if we are going to get all cleaned up before we are to be at Mike and Dottie’s house on time.

Hasta luego,
Wayne, Lynnea, Kimberly

Ps lots of noise hard to think can’t get iPad to scroll up to see if it makes sence so if not please forgive.

August 3, 2011 – Day 6

Dear all,
The sun is out and so far no rain. Today Kimberly helped with painting the rooms in the transition house and came back to the dining room looking like an Indian with war paint on her face. She gave us all a great laugh. I asked her how in the world she did it and she had no idea.

Wayne spent the morning helping to finish fixing the fan for the shower in the older girl’s dorm so they can finally use their shower again. They have been having to go to another dorm to shower.

My chore has mostly been cooking for the team with Kimberly’s help. Today I made French toast for breakfast, while Wayne made scrambled eggs and sausage. For lunch we made “mama made it up” pizza. It had red bell peppers, onions, grilled chicken, pineapple, salami, mozzarella and cheddar cheese on a Bisquick crust – oh ya and spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce – and sprinkled with oregano and thyme. Believe it or not it wasn’t bad. Kimberly says my “cooking angels” have been hard at work because neither one of us have made anything like this before.

So we were on a role and it’s a very big thing here NOT to waste food and we could see the apples weren’t being eaten soooooo what better to do with them than make apple cobbler. Then of course we couldn’t let the peelings go to waste so I’m trying my hand at making a sort of dried apple chip sprinkled with cinnamon. We’ll see how that goes. Tonight’s dinner is chicken pot pie.

Wait till they see what I make for breakfast – I’m already laughing. I’m somehow going to make a casserole with all the leftovers in the fridge – kind of along the lines of that egg and cheese casserole the women make at cursillo for those of you who have had it before – I’m going to cut up the left over sausage , dice up the left over French toast, diced onions, tomatoes, and who knows what else ….hmmmm maybe some kind of crackers or chips crumbled at the bottom…

Wayne and I decided to sponsor two of the older girls this trip. The young children often have sponsors, but the older ones don’t always get sponsors so easily. All the children here have sponsors , but for a child to be fully sponsored/funded he/she needs three (3) sponsors.

I’ll write more about Mike’s testimony when we get home, but I distinctly remember two areas:

first, he spends $400,000 a year on food, & $400,000 on education, $11,000 A MONTH on electricity, and $8000 a MONTH on butane;

second, more than anything else he asks for three things:

  1. Prayer that each child who walks through the doors comes to know Christ as quickly as possible.
  2. Prayer for healing as soon as possible after walking through the doors.
  3. Prayer that they would seek and find the reason why God created them.

Christ’s Love and Blessings,

August 4, 2011 – Day 7

Today we spent the day in Antigua walking around seeing the ancient capital of Guatemala. We are dog tired but all packed and ready for leaving at 7:30 in AM. Our flight doesn’t leave until 11:40AM but there are elections coming up and so some of the workers, in this case the health workers, block roads to strike. We experienced the same thing in Peru a few years ago. So our final prayer request is that we get to the airport on time, safely, and have safe flights and arrival homes.

Thank you so much for keeping us safe.

Christ’s Love and Blessings,

August 5, 2011 – Day 8 and Home

We are all officially home now. Keith picked up Kimberly from the airport in San Jose and Robin and Joe just delivered us home. More to follow after some much needed rest. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE PRAYER WARRIORS! We are blessed and grateful.

In Christ’s love

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