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From May 19-21, 2017 Healing Conference in Spartanburg, SC

I was so surprised when they told me that my counts had gone up and I did not need the shots.  I had not expected that.  What a wonderful present from Jesus!!!!

I just finished my third chemo cycle yesterday.  My blood counts were extremely low last Friday so they told me I would need Neupogen shots to raise my counts.  By the time my insurance company approved the shots on Friday it was too late for the chemo; hence my chemo was rescheduled for Monday.   The neupogen shots can cause severe bone, joint and muscle pain, cause splenic rupture and it is possible that they can reintroduce tumor cells (cancer stem cells I suspect) from the marrow.  They retested my blood yesterday and the counts had improved enough to have chemo without the shots.  Praise the Lord!!!!  I attribute this as a direct response to prayer by the prayer warriors praying for me!  Lillian

Thank you very, very much for teaching by ‘reality’ last Saturday at Spartanburg. Christ asked you, thru me, to seal the gifts He has given to me for my ministry and you did in anointing me last Sunday. After last weekend, everything I see, hear, believe, and know is cut and dried, no waffling.
I’m looking forward to seeing you next year.  Sally


From “Healing Winds” Conf. in North Carolina September 2014

These are only a few of over 100 responses of the experiences at the conference.

My hand pain went from 10 to 0 my back pain from 10 to 1. Emotional pain inside body and mind, and spiritual pain.  I now feel clean and Full of life. I feel recharged.

I had a tremendous infilling of the Sacred Heart catching aflame in my heart.  The fire within me glowed like a furnace and penetrated through my entire body when one of the prayer team members came and helped distribute it.  I also found the fire on top of my head.  This lasted for about three hours.  I could not put food into my body until late evening.  I was full of the eternal flame.

I came in with anxiety and agitation and low spirit for OSL and life generally.  Received healing and now recharged and rekindled.

Received spiritual healing from Josh’s book.

The Holy Spirit fell upon me so I was resting in God, it was so heavy I could not stand up, praise the Lord! The glory was here! Amen.

OSL Meeting in La Jolla, CA April 2012

Yesterday at our Saint Dunstan’s mtg., we discussed how Josh+ reminded us how 2/3 of Jesus’ ministry was either healing or delivering. I reflected on my own blessing from The Holy Spirit: In a scrambled attempt to explain my need, Josh+ anointed me with oil and then rebuked “mockery,” in the name of Jesus. Three times he had me repeat after him the same exhortation. I instantly understood my confusion and even before returning home with my friend, in her car, I knew I’d been released from a tightness within my chest (that I didn’t even know was there); I sensed a fuller, freer space within my heart! Seated next to me was a person, also in ministry, who needed deliverance from depression/burn out. Patiently, and tirelessly Fr. Josh prayed for healing and for our protection from the enemy. By the time Josh+ had moved around the rows of chairs, I realized we were first the “pray-ee” and then readily became the “pray-or!” Each of us surrounded the other, laying on hands and praising our LORD for His abundant grace amongst our fellowship. We praise You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for the gift of Your Presence with us and within us collectively! Amen JW

We praise You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for the gift of Your Presence with us and within us collectively! Amen

Walking in the Kingdom Conference Feb 11 2011

I recently attended Desert Call’s “Walking in the Kingdom” conference. I am so thankful and blessed that I attended. I learned many significant tools for my walk with Christ; most importantly that Christian life is about RECEIVING (from the Lord). I realized I have been focusing on giving and service to the Lord, but neglected the most important one – RECEIVING.

On the Friday night of the conference, after Fr. Josh’s teaching, we were invited to join a prayer team to RECEIVE. It was quite powerful and, along with my RECEIVING, I experienced a healing. I had made a doctor appointment that morning because I had a blockage in my chest. It felt as if I had food stuck (size of a fist) in the middle of my chest. It was at its worse on Friday night. After I left the prayer warriors, I sat down and started to weep. While I was soaking in the Lord, I noticed the lump was practically all gone.

I drove home that night wondering what I was going to tell my doctor at my Monday appointment. The lump has not returned, only a little feeling of fullness, but nothing like I had on Friday night. Praise the Lord!

I went to the doctor and explained what had happened at the conference. She put me on a medication for two weeks and told me to continue with the prayers! I was also able to share this story with a student intern in the doctor’s office. God is amazing how he heals and uses us. Praise Him!

I am so grateful to Desert Call and Fr. Josh for this invaluable teaching and that God uses them so powerfully.

Sue Rello
Walking in the Kingdom Conference
Feb 11 – 12, 2011
San Diego, CA

From Healing Winds Conference in North Carolina, October 2010

Layer after layer, freeing, clearing, rooting, grounding and resting.

Generations, peace and healing of emotional pain and guilt of my son‘s mental illness.

Increase in “faith for the moment”

A deeper understanding of the love God has been offering me. I did not experience visual healing but I’m sure I have had some that I will realize later, spiritual healing, yes.

Recent decisions about my life were affirmed.

Transitory relief from back pain, was able to renounce two lies relating to childhood. Reassurance and reestablish fellowship/intimacy with God.

Letting go of some garbage and allowing Jesus to take control of what I don’t need to worry over (children) or what others think!

Spiritual and physical healing thru prayer and hands on meditation.

More healing of abandonment and shame!

It helped me to slow down and listen to what God wants me to do.

A deeper experience.

I feel very cleansed spiritually.

Many prayers for my physical healing, resting in the Spirit so healing emotionally and spiritually.

Simply voicing some pain out loud to a prayer team was helpful, but God started the work as soon as I got here!

Very powerful time with Suzanne and Ron. 1 ? hours of serious work Saturday morning which culminated in the generational healing service Saturday morning (later). Lots of revelation and healing and forgiveness work.

Anger at the Anglican Church. I came to a place of acceptance and realized that we can co-exist.

Healing from a lifelong burden and some physical healing.

Much peace, more joy, more alive-feeling.

I had a difficult childhood with a mom who didn’t know how to love me. We are close now and so I felt guilty even thinking about it but it feels like I had a breakthrough and seeds of healing have been planted on fertile soil. To God be the Glory.

Healing of a childhood memory.

Several nagging issues healed – got peace! Felt closer to Jesus. More clarity about journey.

Josh mentioned Saturday a plumbing problem. I believed I was that and the Plumber was in the House! I had the plumbing /exhaust problem not anymore!

During the Saturday night service, the prophetic words were very clear and helpful in prompting me to step forward for prayer. I had the healing of neck pain. Thank you!

I experienced healing by being the vessel and having the Holy Spirit fill me as the power left me to the people I was praying for.

Healing of 40 years of pain and unforgiveness towards my father for something that happened as a small child


Amazing prophetic words spoken to me Thursday night. Many God incidences that let me know He has been preparing me for this weekend. So strongly “pushed” down Friday night I thought it was Josh (he assured me it was the Holy Spirit.)

My named changed! A turning point – closure of a painful time, peace of emotional turmoil, energy to carry on with confidence.

Great experience!

The Holy Spirit was all over us!

The infilling of greater spiritual gifts.

I received power to continue in healing ministry.

Prayer team was so helpful.

Soaking prayer soaked a lot off!

Loved Josh’s teaching. Generational healing really happened!

My spirit has been refreshed!

I CAN SEE! JESUS! The One I came to see-desperate to see. I CAN SEE!

Rec‘d several wonderful messages from the Lord, answers to specific questions, and was told, “Not to worry”, that God has taken care of everything.

The Holy Spirit is so powerful here.

Blessings kept coming.

Rested in the Holy Spirit.

Outstanding experience, as always

During Generational Healing, felt a weight lifted from my shoulders

Aptos Healing Mission

Thank you for speaking at the Aptos Healing Mission and thank you for your prayer assistance afterward. I provide healing prayer for MANY but we can’t always manage everything for ourselves.

For a while I have experienced symptoms in my shoulder blade and arm muscles. The discomfort was strong enough that I couldn’t sleep on my left side. At the end of the mission three of you prayed for my health and well being and for my ministry. Since then, I have felt only experience an impression of pain, not pain itself. What it tells me is that the Lord is definitely using me to assist someone.

I have thanked God, but I owe you many thanks. It is wonderful not to experience those symptoms!

Godspeed in your work.

Rev. Donna C. McCartney

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