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From OSL/CHM Pittsburgh Conf.  July, 2018

Thank you, Josh, for the word you spoke over my life at the teaching session Saturday morning when you said, “You’ve been afraid to step into the boat and sail again. Don’t be afraid. Go out on a limb.” I was sitting in front of you at the healing service.

Thirty years ago I used to move fearlessly with the Lord, one time walking into an ICU where suddenly there were no guards or nurses to speak Jesus into a woman who had been in a coma. She opened her eyes and lived another two weeks so her family could be with her. There were many other things as well, but due to some difficult life circumstances, I backed off just trying to survive. Recently I have been praying for the Lord to “take me back”, almost afraid it was too late. This morning I was on altar prayer duty at my church and heard the Holy Spirit speak a few words to me. All of a sudden, I told the person I believed I had a word from the Lord for her. I opened my mouth and He gave me a prophecy over her life which touched her deeply. I really don’t remember much of what I said. It took a few hours for this to sink in for me (I’m a little slow!). I blurted out, “He took me back! He took me back!” I’m all in for Him again!!
Thank you for your powerful ministry!

God bless you,

From May 19-21, 2017 Healing Conference in Spartanburg, SC

I was so surprised when they told me that my counts had gone up and I did not need the shots.  I had not expected that.  What a wonderful present from Jesus!!!!

I just finished my third chemo cycle yesterday.  My blood counts were extremely low last Friday so they told me I would need Neupogen shots to raise my counts.  By the time my insurance company approved the shots on Friday it was too late for the chemo; hence my chemo was rescheduled for Monday.   The neupogen shots can cause severe bone, joint and muscle pain, cause splenic rupture and it is possible that they can reintroduce tumor cells (cancer stem cells I suspect) from the marrow.  They retested my blood yesterday and the counts had improved enough to have chemo without the shots.  Praise the Lord!!!!  I attribute this as a direct response to prayer by the prayer warriors praying for me!  Lillian

Thank you very, very much for teaching by ‘reality’ last Saturday at Spartanburg. Christ asked you, thru me, to seal the gifts He has given to me for my ministry and you did in anointing me last Sunday. After last weekend, everything I see, hear, believe, and know is cut and dried, no waffling.
I’m looking forward to seeing you next year.  Sally