We are happy to announce a course designed for those discerning a call to become a Spiritual Director in the Healing Ministry, which is not covered in the majority of Spiritual Director programs. read more

JoshMany Christians are active in their local churches but feel cut off from a vital, authentic and intimate experience of God’s presence and power. There are many walking wounded in our churches, whose religious behaviors do not begin to provide the healing of deep hurts. Many gifted Christians are not aware of how the Lord is calling them to be used in his mission of bringing wholeness to others. Many Christians feel ill equipped biblically and so have trouble identifying and relying on God’s healing power as revealed in his Word.

We want Desert Call Ministries to be a community of ordinary people being used in extra-ordinary ways.

There is a need for people to be discipled more deeply in the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. The mission of Desert Call Ministries is to equip disciples of Jesus Christ for the ministries of healing and renewal.

We do this through:

  1. Conferences on healing and life in the Spirit
  2. Resource ministries, web based training, pamphlets, books
  3. Online Newsletter
  4. Itinerant Teaching and Preaching
  5. Ministries of Intercession
  6. Spiritual Direction
  7. Group and Private Retreats
  8. Healing Immersion (OSL training in three day retreat format)